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Are you looking for ways to save money on your baby? If so, then I highly recommend you to read these 6 tips on how to save on diapers.

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

Spending money on diapers stinks.

The average family goes through more than 2500 diapers in the first year, and baby won’t be fully diaper trained until they’re three years old. That’s a lot of money to spend on anything, let alone something that goes in the trash.

If you are a new mom or a Mom of multiples in diapers looking for ways to save big on Diapers I have some tips that you need to know about to help you get the Best prices on Diapers!

6 Tips on How to Save on Diapers

1. Start Stockpiling Early –

Diapers never go bad, so you can start buying diapers and watching for sales as soon as you know you’re pregnant. September & February are the months for Baby Sales! If you are pregnant during those month you will want to look for sales to stockpile!

2. Compare Diapers based on the Unit Price

Shopping for diapers can be complicated because every store has a different name for their Big Box, Mega Box, Super Value Pack, Bonus Packs, etc. How do you compare prices when each store has a different name or size of diapers on sale? Unit prices are the total price of the bag or box divided by the number of diapers included. Make sure you always calculate out the Unit Price based on how many diapers are included in the box.

For Example:

A $10 Package of Diapers with 31 Diapers would look like this $10.00/31=$0.32 per diaper.

A Box priced at $34.99 with 150 diapers would look like this $34.99/150=$0.23 per diaper.

You might think you’ve found a good price on diapers, but this really depends on how many diapers are included and what size they are.

3. Buy on Amazon –

One of the best ways to save both Time and Money when shopping for diapers is by using Amazon coupons! Amazon has an entire page dedicated to online coupons you can clip and use without leaving your house including high value Pampers and Huggies Coupons that frequently show up.

You can stack Amazon Coupon Savings with the 20% Amazon Mom Subscribe and Save discount.

Don’t forget to compare the unit prices, but typically these Amazon Deals are a really great price per unit. To be an Amazon Mom Member you can sign up here, after your first 3 months you’ll need to be an Amazon Prime Member to get the 20% discount, but it’s Free for the first 3 months!

4. Skip the Warehouse Stores –

Did you know that Warehouse Stores rarely have the best price per diaper? I know so many people that just assume they are getting a good deal by purchasing diapers in bulk when in fact you could be paying almost Twice as Much! Warehouse stores provide convenience allowing you to stock up at a reasonable price but you can actually save more by stockpiling and tracking the sales at Drugstores and National Retailers.

I only use Warehouse Stores if I’m in a last minute rush to buy diapers, the shelf price is lower if you’re planning on paying the retail price, but if you have the time to stockpile and buy ahead so you don’t end up in that situations you can find much better deals other places.

5. Buy Smaller Packages in Big Quantities

This might seem really counter-intuitive but the smaller packages are often a better price PER DIAPER than the larger boxes, that’s because the sales and coupons are a bigger discount on the smaller packages. If you use a $2 coupon on a smaller package it is a higher percentage discount when used on the smaller packages vs. the larger boxes. This isn’t always the case, but most of the time it’s accurate so make sure you know your Diaper Prices well so you can stock up when you find a good deal!

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