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Easiest way to organize bath toys

My son loves to take long baths, he spends a good amount of time just playing and he is his happiest there, and because of that I’m always buying him new bath toys. Recently I ran to a problem of a cluttered tub with so many toys spread everywhere. So after researching online for a way to organize his toys a came across a few ideas on Pinterest on how to organize bath toys. I really don’t like those suction bath toys organizer, they usually don’t work well, and are often to small to store the big toys. So I have decided to make my own based on a few ideas that I found, and let me tell you I have received so many compliments from other friends who have visited us and saw the idea, and if you are wondering that one has to be super handy to get this done it’s quite the opposite, it is super simple and easy and you can have it done in just a few minutes. Here is what you will need:

1 – Tension shower rod,
2 – Plastic baskets with holes (not too deep or the kids will bonk their heads!)
3 – Shower hooks (I suggest metal or S-type hooks – plastic can be hard to maneuver)

I got everything in one quick trip to Walmart, but you might be able to find those item from a Dollar Store as well, and the whole thing cost me around $10.

How to Assemble:

1 – Install the shower rod along the back wall of your tub about 6 inches up from the side of the tub. Ensure a tight fit – be sure to follow the instructions on the rod.
2 – Put your shower hooks onto the rod.
3 – Decide on basket placement and put the hooks through some of the holes on the basket.
4 – Load them up with toys!

Store and organize bath toys

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