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 I would like to share here the 5 tips that I use to travel with my baby and toddler.

I started traveling with my son when he was only 3 months old, and by the time he was 2 we had done quite a few domestic and international trips, it took me a few trips to get the hang of what to bring, I like to travel light so I like to bring only what is essential and travel size, to make sure we have plenty of room in our luggage to bring some souvenir back (wink, wink!).

5 Tips to travel with a baby and toddler

If you’re traveling with a baby or toddler you probably won’t forget the larger items like the car seat or stroller. But what about the things that will make your trip smoother? The things you definitely do not want to leave home without for the sake of your sanity and some extra shuteye?

Here are the 5 tips that I personally consider essentials for traveling with a baby or toddler since they were lifesavers while traveling.

1-  Clothing – Always bring a change or two of clothes when traveling with babies and small children! They are messy little people and it never fails that a spill or accident will occur. Diapers are obvious if your little one is still in them. I also like to bring a light sweater or jacket. Don’t forget to pack extra clothes for you in the diaper bag or carry on, as no doubt you will get some mess over you too.

2- Feeding – Whether you’re going by airplane or car, a sip cup is a way to go with your little ones. It will prevent them to have their drinks spilled all over them, I also like those snack cups that comes with a lid and a flexible inside opening that keeps snacks from spilling out, like these from Skip Hop. If you have a toddler another good idea is to bring plenty of baby/toddler food pouches, its easy to pack and you know they will be getting some healthy food, plus they can feed themselves. I can’t tell you enough how many times those pouches saved my life, because all the changes that was going on around my son sometimes those pouches were the only thing that he would eat when we were way. Another essential item you can’t forget if you are traveling with a baby is formula, make sure you bring plenty of them, especially if you are traveling overseas, most likely that the country you are going to won’t sell the same formula that you buy state side. If you’re nursing, you can bring this lovely cover from Covered Goods. It can be worn as a scarf when not in use and also doubles as a car seat cover and a highchair cover when dining out.

3- Sleeping – For longer trips your little ones will most likely take naps (at least you hope so). Be sure to pack their favorite sleeping items like blankets, sleepers, pacifiers or soother. My son’s favorite was this one from Jelly Cat.

4-  Activities – Keeping your little ones occupied may be difficult for longer travel times, but I think the key to this is saving NEW items for travel. Grab some color packets from the Target dollar spot, Crayola ColorWonder coloring books and markers, new books, an iPad or KindleFire for watching movies and playing games, and gel window clings to keep little fingers occupied in a window seat on the airplane.

5- Transporting – I now have a 8 months old baby and 3 year old so I fully take advantage of my Infantino Baby Carrier and stroller. If you’re flying you can check baggage, pop the diaper bag in the storage area of the stroller with the toddler and have hands-free with baby in the baby carrier. Most airports do not make you remove your baby from the carrier during security check.

There you have it, those tips should help you to have an easy and and stress free trip with your little ones and just don’t forget that the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy every minute with your cuties.

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